Journeys through Pictures

March 24 #sol22

I can’t get the pictures I scanned through this weekend out of my mind. It seems like Greg and I have been going places since we started dating. We had only been dating a few months when Greg asked if I would like to join him and his daughter in NYC for a 5K fundraiser. I thought that would be fun, even the running part. (Sometimes I miss running – but my knees don’t.) 

We hiked multiple parks near us, as well as two in Denver when we went to visit his daughter who was there for a semester. We also drove to Indianapolis to visit Greg’s son. (Loooong drive from where we live. No outdoor pictures though. Oops.) Greg has two kayaks, so we’ve done that, too. I love kayaking – it’s like a pb & j made of exercise, peace, and wildlife.

It’s no wonder we like to camp. We like exploring the outdoors!

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