The Learning Curve Hurts (literally)

May 3, 2022

Since our camper is new-to-us, we decided our first trip should be somewhere nearby, so we could run home if we forgot something. (We did.) We highly recommend this, as we had so many items to put away. Luckily we already figured out what was going where in the basement areas. When we unloaded our previous camper, we left all the basement items in our storage facility, but everything else came into the house. Bins, boxes, first aid kit, raincoats, tableware, pots & pans, glasses, mugs, coffee pot & toaster, all lived in our house over the winter. 

Staying nearby meant we could spend our time sorting and moving items, rather than driving. And wow, did it take a while! The before pictures are taken Friday night, after about 4 hours of work. To be fair, we were also de-winterizing, which meant we had to keep stopping to check on the water situation. (No showers in the camper Friday!)

The after pictures occurred about three hours after breakfast. While it’s not quite perfect, we did find a place for everything AND we have space left over. (That was the goal!) We didn’t sleep well Friday night as the heat pump made a lot of noise. Eventually it got cold enough we had to switch over to the furnace. Too bad neither of us got around to reading the information book on the thermostat, and how to use it. Add this to the “next time” list. So I am amazed that we managed to find a place for everything, even short on sleep.

Since the camper sat all winter, we had to sanitize the water system, and so we worked on that as well on Saturday. It still has an odor to me, so we will revisit this, too, on our next short trip. The weekend was painful partially due to trying to figure out where everything goes, which drives me crazy. `”Let’s put that here. No, wait, that takes up too much room. How about here? Do I have a container for that? Where did I put the box??” Sheesh.

It was also painful for Greg who ran into the slide with his forehead Friday evening. This is a common occurrence with slides as you aren’t used to sections sticking out of a vehicle. So the pool noodle pieces went on, after he smacked his forehead.  I guess we should have done that first.

3 thoughts on “The Learning Curve Hurts (literally)

    1. I cannot even imagine the work! It is like having two homes I guess. I CAN however remember how much work camping in a tent with littles was! Your camper looks amazing


  1. Ouch! Your advice for planning a close-to-home trip first is so smart. I hope you have lots of RV adventures this summer and in seasons and years to come!


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