And it’s done….

Tuesday, June 7 #sol

I handed in my key and ID card. I dropped off the computer, cord & dongle. These were the last chores in my retirement to-do list. In the last month I have….

  • Sorted through 35 years of materials (Truth be told, I started this about 2.5 months ago. Just finished last week. I hate sorting…
  • Signed & returned official paperwork. I am really hoping I didn’t miss anything!
  • Sorted through bins of books for old and falling part ones. The students and a friend helped with this one.
  • Took down all the posters & signs (again with help).
  • Pulled out all the third grade materials & shared what I could.
  • Boxed up all the fourth grade materials so they can be moved to the room that will be the fourth grade room next year.
  • Tried REALLY hard not to bring home too much. Failed in that, but brought home less than I thought I would.
  • Had the last ever morning meeting that I started with the bell that was my mom’s. Wow, did that make me teary!
  • Had a closing circle where kids shared what they felt they worked on the most this year. Got to hear some amazing answers – this actually deserves its own post.
  • Hugged/fist bumped my last ever group of fourth graders as they headed out the door.
  • Said good-bye, I mean, see you later to amazing friends and colleagues. This was by far the hardest.

I feel such a sense of loss, which is weird, because it’s a retirement, not a death. And yet, in some ways it is a loss, since I’ve lived as an elementary teacher for so long! I handed over part of my identity with my keycard.

Yes, I am ready for it – I am so exhausted I often don’t sleep all night. Yes, we have fun things planned even though Greg will still be working for a while. Yes, I know I will love retirement, and I am excited.

And wishing I didn’t feel like part of me is gone.

6 thoughts on “And it’s done….

  1. Your blog post evokes what a lot of what my mother-in-law expressed when she retired from teaching a little over a decade ago. It’s definitely a mixed bag of emotions!
    Onward to your new adventures!


  2. Congratulations on your retirement. I took the step 9 years ago after 40 years of teaching. Some retired colleagues and I meet once a month for lunch just to stay in touch. I really didn’t feel retired until the first day of the following school year. To celebrate that day my wife and I went out for a special meal. Enjoy this next chapter of your life. It will be exciting.

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  3. What you said is so true: retirement changes your identity. This is a big emotional change. Feeling the loss is a natural reaction even when you know that the new and exciting things are waiting ahead. The last three things on your bulleted list squeezed my heart. You probably need some time to just rest and gather yourself and then you get to rebuild yourself anew. Wishing you the best!

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  4. For all the things you’ll miss, there are so many things that I know you’ll truly enjoy. Congratulations on your retirement and to many years of doing what you want to do (and getting a good night’s sleep!). 🙂

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