Camping would be easier, but it is not always practical.

Tuesday, June 14 #soltuesdays

When you are going to fly somewhere, the amount of stuff you can take is limited by the room in your bags. (And, possibly, whether there is an opportunity to do laundry.)

I know when you go camping, you are also limited by the space that you have. But in our case, we have so much more space in this camper (and even the last one) that we do in a suitcase! I can take both pairs of jeans and three pairs of shoes. I can take a jacket, a raincoat and a sweatshirt. I can even take more than one book if I want.

The downside is I truly do haul too much into the camper, so when we return it has to be hauled back out. Since we can’t store the camper at our house, we don’t leave any food items or toiletries in the camper. (We do leave household stuff that’s not food.) I don’t leave my clothes in there because I’ll forget what I left and bring more. Maybe once we are camping more frequently, I could see leaving extra shoes, jackets, and maybe sweatshirts behind. We will see.

The reason for flying, though, is that sometimes driving there would take way too long. I flew from the East coast to the West coast on Friday. Other than too many last minutes changes by the airline (making my day really long), I arrived at my destination the same day, tired and just a little bit queasy. (Thank goodness for Dramamine!) I would need at least 5 long days of driving to get here in a vehicle. Some day I would love to camp my way across the United States, but that won’t happen for a while yet.

So, even though flying is a pain, it is worth spending time with those you love, especially since the pandemic made this almost impossible for a while.

3 thoughts on “Camping would be easier, but it is not always practical.

  1. Not a huge fan of flying because of the limits (and being 30,000 above the ground), but I agree, sometimes, you just need to get there!

    Now, would you take a cross country trip and back again? We aren’t quite that comfortable with our camper……yet! 🙂

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