The Trouble with Travel

Tuesday, July 26  Let’s face it. No matter how you plan to travel, there may be issues. The last time I flew, I had my flight changed, one leg cancelled and my flights moved to the next day before I even got to the airport. I went to the airport on my regularly scheduled day … More The Trouble with Travel


Facing Fears

Tuesday, July 19 I didn’t have many fears as a kid. I picked up the garter snakes, played flashlight tag in the dark, wandered around campgrounds with my sister, and laughed & screamed my head off on the tallest rollercoasters. I’m not quite that fearless anymore. I have the common fear of heights – or … More Facing Fears

Cookies, not Camping

Tuesday, July 12 I just put the invitations in the mail, ones I wish I didn’t need to send. They are for the memorial service we can finally have for Dad, who passed away at the end of March, 2020 (not from Covid, ironically). Although I’m not quite done, a large stack went in today’s … More Cookies, not Camping

The Most Stressful Part (and some July Musings)

Tuesday, July 5 #solTuesdays The windy, narrow & bumpy roads made getting to the last camping site a little nerve-wracking. The MOST stressful part, however, didn’t happen until we were on our way out of the park.  For those who don’t know, most campers have 3 tanks, usually called the fresh water, grey and black … More The Most Stressful Part (and some July Musings)