The Most Stressful Part (and some July Musings)

Tuesday, July 5 #solTuesdays

The windy, narrow & bumpy roads made getting to the last camping site a little nerve-wracking. The MOST stressful part, however, didn’t happen until we were on our way out of the park. 

For those who don’t know, most campers have 3 tanks, usually called the fresh water, grey and black tanks. The grey tank or liquids tanks holds everything from a sink or the shower, while the black tank holds what comes from the toilet. (Toilet paper is a solid, even the RV toilet tissue that is very thin & highly recommended to use. We tend not to put other solids in that tank – just a personal preference.) You are supposed to use a good bit of water when you flush, regardless of which solids you put in the tank. : )

Since we tend to camp in state parks, we usually don’t have water & sewer hook-ups. So, we are stingy with water use until we are almost ready to go, and then we try to flush out the rest of the water. Then we stop at the park dump station on the way out. (Use of this comes with your night’s stay.)

After hooking up the hose, you dump the solids tank first, and then the liquid tank, so the liquids help rinse out the hose you are using. Our hose has a clear elbow where it bends into the dump hole, so we can see what’s happening. (It sounds icky, but we highly recommend this.) Greg hooked everything up, pulled the solid tank lever……and nothing happened. Normally we get a rush of liquid and some mostly dissolved toilet paper. Hm. So Greg tries the liquid tank, and still nothing…. “Linda, we have a problem!” he calls out to me. Yes, we do!

We stood there, stumped, for a few minutes. I recalled an article I happened to read over the weekend which said you need to use more water than you think when you flush the toilet. We even have been capturing the first too-cold-to-use shower water in a bucket, and using that to help flush. Maybe we still didn’t use enough?

So, using the bucket again, we haul water from a potable source, and dump bucket after bucket down the toilet. We also dumped some in the sinks. We held our breath and tried again. It worked, but not with the whoosh we were expecting. So the problem is solved, sort of, at least for now. We will need to keep an eye on this!

July 5 Musings

It was hard to celebrate the fourth yesterday. I didn’t feel like there was a lot to celebrate in America right now. Actually, I’ve felt this way for a while. I need to keep contacting legislators about so many things. But I have to hope every contact helps. 

“Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”… Well it needs to be the land of the free for everyone. There are so many injustices in our country right now, with people cherry-picking which rights are the ones that apply (and I would add not equally to all). So this has been on my mind and a weight on my heart.

But I’m glad today is a Tuesday, because it is also the birthday of my husband. He sees his birthday as “just another day”. I find this funny, as he finds my birthday to be a special day. Hm. I’m working on that. So today, I will smile, laugh and celebrate the man who has captured my heart, making this half of my life a joy.

Happy Birthday, Greg! (Last picture from last year’s Birthday camping trip.)


2 thoughts on “The Most Stressful Part (and some July Musings)

  1. People used to modern day conveniences hardly ever think how complicated the sewage systems really are. Your camping hiccup highlighted this well. I am glad all worked out. Happy Birthday to your husband!

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  2. I guess that is why I am not a camper. Give me a nice climate controlled hotel room and plenty of available restaurants near by. Truthfully, I didn’t realize or give much thought to camper waste disposal. Happy birthday to your husband.


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