My Memory is Going

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

My memory is going.

Actually, it’s just that being retired means sometimes I forget that it is TUESDAY and I should be blogging. We have been camping almost every weekend since August. Here are some thoughts about our recent trip.

Why does it take being out of my house to get out of my head? Being in nature does help me refocus and remember to enjoy the moment. Whether it is simply walking around the campground or doing something more (like a 2 mile hike that accidentally became a 6 mile hike), I am better able to just BE.

It’s not if, but when…. Stuff breaks, it rains, plans change. All through my life I’ve struggled with change. Camping (and retirement) is helping me work through these lessons – again. Some examples: The bathroom door came off the track, and the screen door screws came loose. Greg was able to fix both. It rained the last four Sundays on our drive home. Rainy drive = another chance to wash the camper…. Ugh. At least on camper-washing day I don’t have to exercise my arms…

No matter how much you try, it will still take over an hour to pack up before heading home. Hey, we’ve cut it down – it used to take longer! But the night before and the morning of our leaving, we put more things away and do some basic cleaning. Then when we are prepping, some is already done.

I’ve realized anxiety is just a part of how I am wired. Even though I’m retired, I’m doing some guest teaching (substituting), which is producing some anxiety. Why am I surprised that this is producing some anxiety? Luckily, it is not as much as it was during these last few years, and very little on Sundays. I used to get SO anxious on the weekends, especially as it crept closer to Sunday night…. So I’m going to do this for a while and see how it goes.

Here are some pictures from one of our favorite, fairly easy to get to places, Little Pine. I hope seeing them can remind you to take time to just BE. Can you spot the Eagle’s nest?


One thought on “My Memory is Going

  1. OH my heavens, you are so much like me. Anxiety just seems to be a part of my wiring and nature, too, seems to resettle my being, calm my nervous system and allow for me to turn off the manic monkeys in my mind. I read a book by Emma Mitchell called The Wild Remedy that helped to explain this phenomenon for us. It’s a lovely read.

    By the way, your photos of your camping time are delightful. Just looking at them calms the jitters in me a bit. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

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