One Journey at a Time

11/30/22 #solTuesdays, #wherewerv My parents loved to travel. When we were kids, we spent many family vacations in our little pick-up truck camper, similar to the one below. I was maybe 6 or 7 when we took our first trips in the camper. My sister and I would try to sleep in the upper bed … More One Journey at a Time


Camping Gratitude

11/21/22. #solTuesdays #wherewerv Thanksgiving has been my favorite time of the year for many years. I like the focus on gratitude, on giving. (Especially when my kids were younger, the focus of “what am I getting” that comes with Christmas presents made me nuts.) We would each talk about what we were thankful for as … More Camping Gratitude

We Failed our Test (aka Another lesson learned)

11/15 #solTuesday We’ve had this camper for almost a year, and we are still learning about it. One question we had was whether we would be able to boondocks – camp without any access to hookups, especially electricity. Picture a remote area (with drivable roads) but no campground. You set up and enjoy the beauty … More We Failed our Test (aka Another lesson learned)