Camping Gratitude

11/21/22. #solTuesdays #wherewerv

Thanksgiving has been my favorite time of the year for many years. I like the focus on gratitude, on giving. (Especially when my kids were younger, the focus of “what am I getting” that comes with Christmas presents made me nuts.) We would each talk about what we were thankful for as we shared the Thanksgiving meal.

Camping has reinforced the attitude of gratitude that I have worked hard on in the last 7 years. So much “bad stuff” has happened in these years – divorce & choosing to move out of the home we raised our kids in, the loss of another cousin, and then Mom’s cancer fight she ultimately lost, losing Greg’s mom and then my Dad, two of my uncles and family friends. Pair these losses with a few of the most challenging classes in my elementary teaching career and all the effects of Covid, it’s enough to make me want to cry and give up.

So…. Why didn’t I?


Finding what makes me grateful helped (slowly) switch my focus from loss to gain. Don’t get me wrong – I still feel those losses, every day. But they are balanced (and often out-weighed) by the many reasons for gratitude.

  • Family & friends who have supported me forever.
  • Finding “my person” who honors, respects and loves the me I was meant to be. (And I do the same for him!)
  • And sharing the joys of camping with him, which led to us starting this camping journey together.
  • Being able to camp in different areas, getting to explore the beauty in our surroundings.

Camping is not without its issues, which you know if you’ve been reading this blog. Nonetheless, the joys are almost indescribable. On one trip, as we pulled into the campground Greg said, “I can just feel myself relaxing…” The beauty of sun through the trees, of autumn leaves, of grassy meadows and stunning vistas, the sights and sounds of a campfire, these all help fill me with gratitude. 

Thanksgiving reminds me that I do have many reasons to be thankful and I need to continue to practice gratitude. I hope you find ways this Thanksgiving season to add to your gratitude bucket.


One thought on “Camping Gratitude

  1. I’m so glad I read your post. I needed to be reminded of the importance of gratitude. Loved your line – Don’t get me wrong – I still feel those losses, every day. But they are balanced (and often out-weighed) by the many reasons for gratitude. Thank you for including the images. Being in nature itself offers the balance which your images remind me of. Heading out on a hike now!!

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