Why is it so hard to relax?

#wherewerv, #solTuesdays Is it just me? Do you struggle to just relax and “do nothing”? To be clear, it isn’t really nothing. I had a lovely four day weekend. (Retired teachers do not do to inservice days. Yippee!) We exercised, cleaned, did laundry, and some vacation planning. I attended two different meetings at church and … More Why is it so hard to relax?


Retired Teacher Dreams

1/10/23. #wherewerv, #solTuesdays This title popped into my head after just a few seconds, which is not typical for me. It has SO many meanings to me! Personal, retired, community, and outside our community, I have so much I wish for. And with Martin Luther King day around the corner, I thought today would be … More Retired Teacher Dreams

Ah, here I am!

#solTuesdays For the last 30 years or so, here’s where I’ve come to be me, the me that questions, that is unsure. The me who finally relaxes as she takes off the facade, the always-striving-to-get-it-right wife or the this-family-is-gonna-love-each-other-if-it-kills-me mom. This has been my quiet place, where I’ve retreated and recharged for years and years. … More Ah, here I am!

And it’s done….

Tuesday, June 7 #sol I handed in my key and ID card. I dropped off the computer, cord & dongle. These were the last chores in my retirement to-do list. In the last month I have…. Sorted through 35 years of materials (Truth be told, I started this about 2.5 months ago. Just finished last … More And it’s done….


April 26, 2022 Today we had an online celebration for our student teachers who are finishing this week. There were lots of people on the call, and a few shared their thoughts. One was someone who had been teaching for about 5 years. It was probably good for the graduating students to hear from a … More Celebrations