Camping Words – Part 1

April 10, 2022 On Friday I had a conversations with some friends who also did the Slices of Life Challenge. They brought up that they enjoyed learning some of the camping terms I shared. They suggested a list to help them. I thought it would be a short list. HA! Here are the first two … More Camping Words – Part 1


Winter Surprise

March 15 #sol22 If you’ve been reading along this month, you know we’ve had a Class-C 26 foot motorhome since 2020. For the most part, it was great for the long weekend trips we took. There were a few issues – the bed has to fold when the slide is in, which means the mattress … More Winter Surprise

Why Camping Now?

March 3 #sol22 If you read yesterday’s post, complete with pictures of old, old campers, you learned a bit about our history with camping when we were kids. Today I started thinking about how we got into camping as adults. Aside from a desire to camp, there is a whole lot of thinking that needs … More Why Camping Now?