Retired Teacher Dreams

1/10/23. #wherewerv, #solTuesdays This title popped into my head after just a few seconds, which is not typical for me. It has SO many meanings to me! Personal, retired, community, and outside our community, I have so much I wish for. And with Martin Luther King day around the corner, I thought today would be … More Retired Teacher Dreams


Thousand Steps

March 29 #sol22 Today during our faculty meeting we were asked to find someone with the same birthday month, and then share a picture on our phone that made us feel happy when we looked at it. It was SO easy to find one – I could have easily found a hundred. Last fall my … More Thousand Steps

Exercising Tales

March 27 #sol22 Yesterday was a first for me. Well, it’s a first after two years and two weeks, which is how long it has been since I went to a gym. For years I’ve used exercise as a way to stay healthier, mainly so I don’t have to give up brownies. Yum!  The upheavals … More Exercising Tales