The Waiting Game

#solTuesdays 1/24/24 Now, I wait for the weather to warm up enough so we can get the camper out of storage and ready for trips.  In the waiting is planning. You might know where you want to go, but you need to figure out when. Or, you might know when you can go, so you … More The Waiting Game


Retired Teacher Dreams

1/10/23. #wherewerv, #solTuesdays This title popped into my head after just a few seconds, which is not typical for me. It has SO many meanings to me! Personal, retired, community, and outside our community, I have so much I wish for. And with Martin Luther King day around the corner, I thought today would be … More Retired Teacher Dreams

You Never Know…

1/3/23 #wherewerv, #solTuesday I am not a big sports person. My parents were both die-hard, season-ticket holding Steelers fans. My dad sports-surfed on his TV for years. I married someone who likes sports more than I do, particularly wrestling and football. So we had football games on the TV over the weekend. We were watching … More You Never Know…

Camping Gratitude

11/21/22. #solTuesdays #wherewerv Thanksgiving has been my favorite time of the year for many years. I like the focus on gratitude, on giving. (Especially when my kids were younger, the focus of “what am I getting” that comes with Christmas presents made me nuts.) We would each talk about what we were thankful for as … More Camping Gratitude

We Failed our Test (aka Another lesson learned)

11/15 #solTuesday We’ve had this camper for almost a year, and we are still learning about it. One question we had was whether we would be able to boondocks – camp without any access to hookups, especially electricity. Picture a remote area (with drivable roads) but no campground. You set up and enjoy the beauty … More We Failed our Test (aka Another lesson learned)

Life & Learning

October 25, 2022 #solTuesdays In the last few weeks I’ve been reminded that there is always more to learn, and to watch for what is surprising. This has happened both when we’ve been camping and when I’ve been subbing, which I started doing about six weeks ago. Here are some of my camping lessons from … More Life & Learning

My Memory is Going

Tuesday, October 4, 2022 My memory is going. Actually, it’s just that being retired means sometimes I forget that it is TUESDAY and I should be blogging. We have been camping almost every weekend since August. Here are some thoughts about our recent trip. Why does it take being out of my house to get … More My Memory is Going

Rainy Labor Day

Tuesday, September 6, 2022 #solscTuesdays Plinking on the RV roof, helping me sleep.Showering the lake that we kayaked on yesterday.Splashing up from the road as we drove home.Drying up into little dirty spots on everything.Rubbed away when we have to wash the RV. Again.