The Trouble with Travel

Tuesday, July 26 

Let’s face it. No matter how you plan to travel, there may be issues. The last time I flew, I had my flight changed, one leg cancelled and my flights moved to the next day before I even got to the airport. I went to the airport on my regularly scheduled day anyway and luckily the awesome gate agent was able to reroute me to my destination on my intended day. Yes, I had to take a third leg and endure a long layover, but at least I made it there the day I wanted to be there.

This past spring I wanted to visit relatives about two hours from my home, as I hadn’t seen them for quite a while. When I tried to reserve a hotel room, the prices for every place within a reasonable distance was two to four times higher than normal. What?

About 10 or so years ago, a trip had me showing up at a hotel, where they told us they were out of rooms with a king or queen bed, but they could put my husband and me in a room with two doubles. (After years of a king bed, I just can’t share a double anymore. I know, I’m spoiled.)

A long time ago trip with three young boys had us stuck on the side of a road in a desert, in an overheated van, hoping the rental company could send us a replacement before one of us got heat stroke. (They did – and we were okay.)

I reminded myself of these situations multiple times yesterday as we were waiting for the delivery of an electrical part that failed when we were loading the camper to leave on Saturday. If – I mean when we make it there, I’ll try to post some pictures and read some #solTuesday posts.

I guess 3 ½ days at the beach is better than none…

P.S. We made it partway last night. Only 1.5 hours to go to get to the beach…


5 thoughts on “The Trouble with Travel

  1. Love that you can look at these events and keep perseptive! We are noticing our black water tank is always “full” when, in fact, it is not. We’ll get to see (in ugly detail) why that is when we get back.

    There’s always something, but then, there’s the fact we are staying at an alpaca farm tonight and a winery tomorrow. Perspective, it’s a great thing! Happy getaway!! ❤

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