The Joy of Unplugging. Sort of.

Tuesday, August 23

Many people, including myself, talk about camping as a way to unplug – limited cell service (if any), and usually no internet. So, no tv, no news, no social media. Sounds lovely for a nice long weekend!

I find some irony in the fact that the very first thing we do after backing into a site is to hook up the power cord. You need power to put down the leveling jacks, run the slides, and run any appliances. Most campers today also have batteries, and ours will run on them for quite a while. I have to admit we haven’t yet tested how long we can go on just our batteries, but we will at some point. Leveling jacks can sometimes be run on batteries, electricity, or you can turn on the coach. Our slides can be run on the generator or by electricity. Coaches differ on what can run on what.

This past weekend was another first for us – the power pedestal was on the “wrong side”. See, there is a general understanding that regardless of whether the site is a pull through or back in, the pedestal is on the driver’s side. So most campers have the power cords on the driver’s side as well. In this park, not only was the pedestal on the passenger’s side, it was really far from where you could park. How did we figure this out? Follow along our journey to get plugged in!

  1. Backed in as we usually do, almost perfectly level. Pulled the power cord out and said, “Uh-oh” (or some other stronger words). Drug it under the back end, about 15 feet short.
  2. Pulled in instead and the cord just made it to the pedestal. However, we were not level at all. Back in went the cord.
  3. Redo. Still not level enough to keep all the wheels ON the ground with the jacks down.
  4. Redo. Nope again. Got out the leveling blocks, and put the driver’s side on two blocks for each tire. (Think cutting board width, not cinder blocks!) And we were done. Or so we thought… We did create a tripping hazard, however, and since the receptacle in the pedestal was loose, we had to make sure we did NOT bump the cord.

The next day we debated about turning the unit around, so it was backed in, as it just felt off. Usually you pop out your door and the picnic table & fire rings are right there. Did the office have any extension cords we could buy? We decided to check that out before we did anything. As it turned out, they had 25 foot long 30 amp cords to rent for two bucks. This meant our surge protector couldn’t plug into the pedestal, where the plugs were loose anyway. So we would do pedestal, 30 amp extension cord, dogbone (so the 30 amp extension cord and our 50 surge protector could plug into each other) surge protector, our 50 amp cord. The surge protector is not supposed to lay on the ground because water can get in it if it rains.

  1. So we moved our stuff around inside, put IN the slides, put UP the jacks, and backed in. It was not level enough (ARGH).
  2. Redo, moving to the left on the site, about where we had it the very first time we backed in. Used our locking cord to hold the surge protector against the picnic table leg to keep it off the ground…

All this mess so we can plug in to unplug.

Thank goodness we were at the Finger Lakes in New York and could do some wine tasting that weekend. Whew!

P.S. Happy start to a new school year for all who are heading back to their classrooms! I miss being there AND I am grateful to be newly retired!

3 thoughts on “The Joy of Unplugging. Sort of.

  1. Wow! I had no idea that campers were so complicated! I hope you were able to relax after finally getting plugged in! I have been retired for one whole school year now. I miss some things about it, mostly my teacher friends, but retirement is good!

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